What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind during which one's concentration is very focused, while the sub-conscious mind is open to suggestions that are in line with one's desires and wishes. Most individuals naturally drift in and out of hypnosis without realizing it when they daydream, get absorbed in a TV program or arrive at their destination, having forgotten part of the trip. When athletes refer to "being in the zone", they are referring to a highly focused state of concentration that is hypnosis.

What can I expect?

A comprehensive history and assessment of the problem is taken in order to individualize the session. The problem is examined from the client's perspective and together a plan is developed. Most clients describe the experience as being calming and relaxing.

How successful is hypnosis?

The success of hypnosis is related to one's commitment and motivation. Hypnosis cannot make anyone do anything unless there is a desire, motivation and commitment.  For example, if a smoker really has a desire to stop and is willing to make the commitment to stop, then hypnosis is very effective by tapping into that desire and commitment. There is nothing magical about hypnosis.  It is a technique that assists the individual to make changes.